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What Is Your Assurance That The Details Provided By Me Will Be Kept Confidential?

Our customers’ privacy is our first priority and we never compromise it. To keep your details confidential and safe, we use the latest security systems and the servers in which we store our clients’ data are 128 bit SSL secure servers. The access to these servers is granted to only our trustworthy staff for operating and maintaining these servers. In short, every detail provided by you is completely safe and secure with us.


What Is The Assurance That My Use Of Your Web And Service Will Not Be Leaked?

We assure you complete secrecy and privacy and so neither your personal details nor your use of our web and services will be shared with any third party. Therefore, you can use our offered services and go through our web with complete peace of mind.


Do You Take Orders With Short Deadlines And Deliver Them On The Given Time?

Yes, we do accept orders with short deadlines –no matter how short the deadline is- and deliver them on time without compromising on the quality of the academic paper as we have a team of expert writers having decades of professional academic writing experience.


What Is The Surety That The Academic Paper You Provide Will Be Completely Unique And Plagiarism Free?

Plagiarism is the most prohibited thing when it comes to writing and we hate it as much as any legal authority does. Talking about copy pasting other’s work or paraphrasing, we do not need it as we have the best in-house writing team comprised of top-notch professional academic writers who have the ability to produce unique and plagiarism-free content, every time they write.


Do You Offer Reasonable Price For Quality Academic Papers?

Dissertation Cube knows the financial constraints of the students that prevent them from getting any professional or external help for their academics to secure good grades. Therefore, we have devised a price structure that is feasible and reasonable for students so that they can easily get help from professional. Students can also make the most of our discount and promotional offers.


How Can I Make Payment To You?

To make the payment procedure easier for our valuable customers and clients, we offer a wide range of payment methods including but not limited to Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Western Union, PayPal, etc.


Can I Refer Your Services To My Family, Friends And Professional Network?

Yes, you can! We would be delighted if you would refer us to your loved ones as it will assist us in helping your friends and family, who need our assistance with their dissertation.


How Can A Client Ask For Refund In The Event He Does Not Like The Quality Of The Delivered Material?

Dissertation Cube offers the simplest refund policy of all. In the event, the client does not like the quality of the delivered academic paper, he can first ask for revision to make it better and up to his expectations. However, if he still does not like the content quality, he can lodge a refund request in a formal fashion. For better understanding of refund policy, kindly visit our Terms and Conditions page.


Till Now, How Many Clients You Have Helped?

Since the birth of Dissertation Cube, we have served and helped thousands of clients by satisfying their academic needs. Talking about figures, we do not keep record of it. However if you are worried about our quality, it can be checked by viewing our free sample papers and we are sure that you would find them of best quality.


Do You Have Any Newsletter Service That I Can Subscribe To?

Yes, we have a newsletter service that you can easily subscribe to by providing your email address on which you want us to send you our newsletter. The email provided by you will not be shared with any third party, and it will be kept confidential.


How Can I Communicate With Dissertation Cube For Instantaneous Problems?

Our support staff is available 24x7 for your assistance. So, contact us anytime you want to get your queries resolved. The communication means we offer include Live Chat, Contact-Us page or Toll Free number.


Are Your Services Legal?

Yes, all of our offered services are legal and their usage too as there is no crime in providing professional help to students who want to secure their future. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate while using our services as all services offered by us are completely legitimate.


Do You Have Presence On Social Network?

Yes, we do have presence on almost every major social network including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as it is one of the basic requirements to engage and attract larger audience.

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