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  • How important is it for you to work on your proposal with dedication and complete it with marvellous quality?
  • The answer to this question is pretty straightforward: If you wish to get your degree, then you must write a proposal with 2 important points in mind:
    1. 1. It must prove that your research question is interesting and practical
    2. 2. It must give you enough knowledge and access to sources to later complete your dissertation on your own

Even though your dissertation is the last thing that you will write, you must think of your proposal as the first step of the ladder that leads to your prestigious degree.

The quality of your proposal will determine the quality of your dissertation. If it seems weak, then your supervisor will never let you move forward. Thus, you will remain stuck until you mange to make your supervisor happy.

Students in the UK Usually Encounter 5 Problems When they Begin Working on this Task

  1. They don’t know how to make the topic look excellent and effective
  2. They don’t know what sort of information will be ideal for the proposal
  3. They don’t know what sources will be perfect to make the proposal look strong
  4. They don’t know if they are fully capable of working on a grueling proposal
  5. They don’t know if they have taken the right direction

With so many problems on your mind, you just can’t move forward with confidence. Thus, you will certainly have trouble completing your proposal with top-notch quality.

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